Wednesday, July 18, 2007

On sleeping accomodations

I've stopped for the night at a public campground about 100 miles south of Glacier national park. Actually stopping for the night, resting and unwinding is giving me an opportunity to reflect on the trip thus far.

The first two nights were spent at interstate rest areas. Not the first times, and certainly won't be the last. However, sleeping across the front seats of a pickup truck leaves much to be desired in terms of comfort. I've called these accomodations the "Motel Chevrolet". The second night of sleep was much better than the first, call it familiarity plus exhaustion.

Sleeping in the bed of the truck is much more comfortable, but I don't do this at rest areas. Probably the combination of perceived danger and quite real noise. I have caught some quick naps during the day in the bed of the truck.

Tonight the weather is clear and dry. I'm sleeping in the back of my pickup truck in the middle of a pine forest, nothing between me and the stars except the mosquitoes. Let's hope it doesn't rain.

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Mrs. Anger said...

I hope you brought bug spray ...