Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The rundown, part 1

The following are my personal, late night, end of a long day, back of a pickup truck, blackberry'd thoughts based on limited observations. The following has definitely *not* been approved by major league baseball.

This is where I live. I'm willing to bet this is where you live as well.

I must admit I've been seduced by the idea of a Route 66 road trip. I *almost* changed course when I crossed the road in Illinois (there are no accidents, right?). Actually I did change course and followed Route 66 a ways before continuing along my NW course toward Montana. A lot of history on that road.

Corn. More corn. Corn in the fields, in the back of pickup trucks, sold on the side of the road. But get off the main roads and wander a bit, out into the sparsely populated areas, on a lonely gravel road amongst the corn. I'd be quite happy wandering Iowa for several days or more, but I'm not going to give up a Montana road trip for it.

South Dakota
East of the Missouri river is much like Iowa. West of the Missouri and it seems to change, drastically and instantly. You're in the west now. The black hills region is really quite amazing and beautiful, but diminished somewhat by the region's reliance on the annual costume party at Sturgis and the stragglers and wanna-bes that appear throughout the year.


Mrs. Anger said...

Thanks for blogging ... it's been a while. Now I know what's been going on the last few days. Sounds great ... wish I was there. Next time, definitely. :)

Mrs. Anger said...

I google earth checked your trail and campsite ... very cool. Looks very pretty! I wanna see pictures.