Wednesday, July 18, 2007


5:30 AM
Wake up, make breakfast (bacon!), break camp.

8:15 AM
Ugh. *finally* leaving camp. Heading up to Logan Pass to hike the Highline Trail.

Last night's rain seemed to clear out a lot of the smoke.

9:08 AM
Mountain goat walks in front of the truck.

9:11 AM
Made it to Logan Pass, the top of Going to the Sun road. Set out on the trail.

4:30ish PM
Finish the trail. OMG, what an amazing, beautiful, outstanding, cool, sunny, long, greuling, terrible, hot hike. I know what I said. Lots of pics. Got a sunburn.

6:20 PM
Showered, fed, leaving the park out the St. Mary (easy) entrance.

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