Saturday, December 29, 2007

2004 Motorcycle Adventure: Day 4

Photos - August 31 2004

Day 4 I spent crossing Wyoming. I rode about 10,000 miles of desert, typically sticking to the only paved road within 50 miles. Lots of ranching, gas/oil fields, and semi trucks hauling everything everywhere.

It was neat in its own way. I saw a solid red line on my DeLorme Gazetteer that went through the "Great Divide Basin". Hey, when in Rome, right? The map also listed some sand dunes in that general direction. Well that "solid line" was just a big gravel road built for semi trucks. What the hell, the Geep did quite well if I kept the speeds around 60mph or so, just slow down for the semi trucks, cows, and antelope. But after awhile I gave up, as I talked to one of the gas field workers and he told me that the road I was just on was just rebuilt, and it didn't last for too much longer. He also said that traffic would die down quite a bit! What!? I saw him and 1 other guy in probably an hour. Anyway I took a break, enjoyed the immersive silence, and turned back.

I took the southern approach to the Tetons/Jellystone, which is pretty much more of the same old desert, until you get to, oh, Daniel. I took 189 north from there and went through the breathtaking Hoback Canyon. It was really quite beautiful. I don't *think* that being in the desert for an entire day has affected my judgment too much.

Anyway, now I'm in Jackson, where there are way too many people and way too much traffic and the motels are way too expensive.

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