Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indy Ducati and the GT1000

Over the summer a new Ducati dealer opened in Indianapolis, Indy Ducati. I was elated, because another bike at the top of my list was the Ducati GT1000. I like the style and that characteristic Ducati engine. I'd been absolutely drooling over the photos I'd seen, particularly this one:

Pulling into the parking lot we smell racing fuel and hear a bike on the dyno. Fantastic! This is my kind of place, I'm thinking.

And there it is, a new GT1000, in red. Also, a demo in that gray-ish, green-ish color, with uncorked Termignoni pipes. Winter is approaching and they're looking to offload the well-used but fully-warranted and smartly-tuned demo, great time to make a deal. So I take it for a test ride...

The sound from the Termignoni pipes is simply glorious. This isn't that lazy, obnoxious Harley sound... it's tight, energetic, racy, but still loud and deep. If you haven't already, add this to your to-do list: ride an uncorked Ducati at full tilt, you won't be disappointed.

I was almost sold just on the sound alone, and the rest of the bike didn't disappoint.

In the end I decided to pass on the Ducati and went with the Bonneville. Honestly I'd be happy with either. Tough life to have to make these choices, eh?

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si_dways said...

This was an interesting review for me, because I am in exactly the same situation. I am going to buy my first new bike (to replace a much-loved '96 CBR600F) and am currently torn between a Bonneville and a GT1000. Ducati have few GTs to test-ride in the UK, but having now ridden a Hypermotard, I love that big ol' Ducati twin. Just trying to arrange a demo on a GT now! But I also loved the Bonnie, having ridden a Thruxton and a T100.

Decisions, decisions.... ;-)