Sunday, January 20, 2008

Triumph Bonneville

I recently purchased a new toy:

To go with the rest of my collection:

The new bike is a new 2007 Triumph Bonneville in "Aluminum" (silver to you and me). The Triumph is the fourth motorcycle I've owned. The one you don't see is a 1995 Kawasaki GPZ1100 (seen in various pictures and road trips), but that one was sold some time ago.

I really like the style of the Triumph. Simple, clean, unpretentious (as these things go). It's a fun bike to ride, and most importantly, a fun bike to ride slow. It's my new cross-country, long-haul travel companion.

Don't mistake me, riding fast is fun. No, FUN. The KX250 has two throttle positions: off, and HOLY S**T! And I love every second of it, but I like riding slow sometimes too.

Last summer I wandered into Indy Triumph with my friend Michael, started kicking some tires and ended up taking a Scrambler for a test ride. Fun! I was sold, but for various reasons wasn't ready to commit. After visiting on numerous occasions I finally test rode a Bonneville and decided to buy it. The silver & green Scrambler was my second choice, I still really like that one.

I can't say enough about the guys at Indy Triumph, I'd buy another bike from them without hesitation. More than anything else, they understand the value of a test ride. I actually rode two different bikes before settling on the one I wanted.

More to come. I've ordered a small handful of accessories to customize and improve things a bit (no chrome!)...

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